Upgraded to 5DMkII... sell 20D or keep as backup?

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IR conversion questions

Hi! So you can shoot w/ all/any of your lenses without an (expensive) IR filter attached to them? How much is the conversion?
Can you post the contacts for the company who does this pls?
Many thanx,


to address the OPs question, yeah I am keeping my 20d 'till the end; selling it is just not worth it - it's still an awesome 2nd body.

xilvar wrote:

I'm in the same situation you are, but I had somewhat different
intentions originally.

I originally thought I would have the 20d converted to a fully
infrared camera. They remove the infrared filter over the sensor and
replace it with an infrared pass filter which blocks visible light.
They also reprogram it to meter correctly and generate appropriate
images from the data and realign the auto-focus system to match

The advantages over the other way of shooting infrared are
a) MANY stops of light performance (5 or so if I recall)
b) ability to look through the viewfinder and see something instead
of shooting blind.
c) less noise due to shorter exposures from (a)

I may go ahead and do this, but I sorta have yet another use for the
older camera now because I want to teach a friend of mine proper

Incidentally, the 20d's fetch very little on the open market... what
I should REALLY sell are my two super-angulon XL 65mm's. sigh

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