"Optimal quality" JPEG Compression: Worthwhile?

Started Oct 24, 2008 | Discussions thread
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With risk of repeating what others may have already said, by not reading the whole thread, if you're happy with the color and tone from the jpegs you're getting OOC, you should not worry about editing NEFs if you decide to shoot RAW.

In fact, once you have shot the NEFs with the same settings as you would with JPEGs, all you need to do after downloading the files onto the HDD is to run ViewNX and it will convert for you to JPEGs, as if they were OOC, and of the size and compression quality best suitable for your end needs, while preserving the original quality, should you tomorrow want to extract extra juice from those files.

Once information is lost with JPEG compression, you will never get it back. !!!

So, I always shoot NEF with optimal settings that would allow me to get great OOC jpegs and then decide later what to do with those files. Memory and HDD are so cheap these days that filling up on storage space is no longer a worry.

My 2 cents ...

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