D3 FW 2.01 black dot test...

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Re: D3 FW 2.01 black dot test...

Adman wrote:

josephho wrote:

Forfie wrote:
"extremely rare

cases". As in ever time I shoot at night.

I'm thinking, they think we extremely rarely shoot long exposures,
which in my case is about right, but i still occasionally do, so I'm
glad i wont have to work out those dots anylonger.
Im a doubting thomas

there was a while when 3/4 of my images where longer than 5 sec
exposures. the dots have been making me insane ever since I moved
from D200 to D3.

For the old firmware (ver 2.0) all you had to do to fix this issue
was switch the Long Exp NR to Off, unelss you were shotting above 400

but then you don't get a dark frame subtraction in raw mode so you have to deal with all sorts of other junk on the image.

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