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Re: Tamrac N-45 /nt

Thought I'd throw in a couple qualifiers..

1. I own the following, which have all each been somewhat equally used over periods of months each: Optech with pro-loops, Upstrap, and LowePro strap with QR.

2. The Optech and LowePro are similar in that they're foamy, nice, comfortable straps, with little bitty doodads that are supposedly grippers. However, IMO, the gripping isn't enough for my liking. Disclaimer: I mostly don't wear my camera around my neck; only usually on my right shoulder.

3. Also, the Optech and the LowePro, with the wideish, cushy thing going on, leads to difficulty in ability to actually feel the camera on your shoulder. These straps are too comfortable in the sense that I always find myself shrugging my shoulder to ensure that the thing is still up there and not to fall off and crash to the ground (especially if you happen to wear a synthetic coat in winter that happens to have some padding (ie. warmth) built in -- slipper material that is.

4. Upstrap is a great shoulder strap, but IMO a horrible neckstrap, as its a fairly hard rubber. My other issue is that it is (due to the harder rubber) a less malleable strap, when trying to pack away your camera into a bag. I'd recommend especially if you like a 2-camera setup in the field with a camera on each shoulder.

5. The tamrac mention is a compromise... neither the best neckstrap, nor the best shoulder strap, but a fairly grippy, comfortable, and really well-functioning all-rounder.

Good luck.. YMMV

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Alicante wrote:

Looking for a good quality neck strap for my new 1DMkIII
Recommendations appreciated...Thanks.

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'Everything in photography boils down to what's sharp and what's fuzzy.'
-Gaylord Herron

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'Everything in photography boils down to what's sharp and what's fuzzy.'
-Gaylord Herron

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