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Re: Photoshop or QImage

I guess my problem with printing in CS3 lies with having to use print package to print multiples. When I print a single image, PS3 is relatively easy to use. When I have to print multiple 4x6s, 5x7s and 8x10s on rolls paper, print package is a pita. I find QImage much easier to use this way, especially because QImage will optimize the layout efficiently. I checked the output of both pretty closely and could not see a difference in print quality.

Gekko4321 wrote:

I still am amazed at how many people love this Qimage! I spent a
great deal of time comparing PSE 6 and Qimage for printing and could
not rationalize getting the Qimage. I find that cropping, resizing,
and print sharpening in PSE to be pretty easy and not less work to do
so in Qimage. All I do when done is reverse those steps, with one
click in undo history, to have the file saved as Q-imagers are doing.
As for resizing algorhythms, I printed as big as 13 x 19 inches, and
under 10x scope could barely, I mean BARELY, see any diff in the
resizing of bicubic smoother and their touted 'hybrid'. I even
compared Genuine Fractals and while it was best of all, it was so
minut at that size, it made no sense to buy. I cannot imageine that
CS3 is a worse program than PSE 6 so maybe someone can explain to me
the passion people have for Qimage. I will stipulate that learning
print sharpening takes time and if you are not inclined to learn this
then maybe that is why Qimagers love their product. But to me if you
want total control over print sharpening, then why not do it yourself?

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