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Re: Sony Bravia usb photo viewer

You can display JPG images on your Bravia, even if they did not
come from a Sony camera. Here's how.

First, make sure you have a USB storage device that is supported
by your Bravia. For my TV, I bought a Kingston DataTraveler and it works
fine--others that I tried did not. Follow the "list compatible USB
storage devices" on this page for a devices that are compatible
with the XBR6. Or find the equivalent page for your model:

Second, you must create a file structure on the USB device that
conforms to the DCF (Design rule for Camera Format) which is an
industry format, not a Sony-specific format. In any case, this is
easy to do. Search for DCF to find more complete info, but

On your USB storage device, create a top-level folder called DCIM. In
that folder, create a folder called MSDSC100 (you can use anything with
5 uppercase letters and then three digits, starting with "100".)

Put your JPG photos in the MSDSC100 folder using names of this
form: TEST0001.JPG, TEST0002.JPG... The filenames start with
four uppercase letters (a few other characters are allowed as well,
see the standard for details if you care), followed by four digits.
Start at 0001, not 0000.

For example, I followed the Canon DCF naming convention:
DCIM, CANON100, IMG_0001.JPG, IMG_0002.JPG and it worked
fine in my Bravia.

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