better than 580 EX II to weddings and 5dII ?

Started Jan 12, 2009 | Discussions thread
itsDing Senior Member • Posts: 2,015
Re: better than 580 EX II to weddings and 5dII ?

l have a 430ex and a 580exll neither of them are as good as my older thyristor guns, 3 hammerhead Sunpak 555's in US, G4500DX's in UK, average price £35 each on ebay or any of my 3 Vivitar 283's. The sunpaks have 7 auto and 7 manual settings. l use mainly for firing into brollies and soft boxes however when used on camera and auto they a very accurate, the heads can swivel any direction. l have even done a shopping center promotion using them (no leads for people to trip over). l really feel l have wasted my money buying the 2 canons.

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