If you had the chance to sell your...

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If you had the chance to sell your...

28mm f/1.8 and 50mm f/1.4 to fund a new 35L, would you?

(NOTE: This is NOT a solicitation for buyers. Anyone offering to buy these lenses from me will be ignored.)

Here's the situation:

I have the following lenses for the 5D and 50D:

28mm f/1.8
50mm f/1.4
85mm f/1.8
180 f/3.5 EX Macro
300 f/4 IS
70-200 f/2.8 IS

I like my setup a lot, but I just went from a 1.3x crop to a FF and I find myself missing the 35mm FoV that the 1DmkIIn/28mm offered. I also always wished my 28mm f/1.8 was an f/1.4. So, if I get the 35L I get back my 35mm FoV (on the 5D) AND the f/1.4 I so wished for AND I can use it as a "normal" lens on my 50D.


Also, if I should ever need the 50mm FL I can always borrow my wife's Thrifty fifty.

So, would you do it?

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