life span of a camera

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Re: life span of a camera

EvilOne wrote:

rashkae2 wrote:

Well Pramod... If the shutter dies, replacing it costs about $50.

So keep shooting.

Exactly. I was under the impression that everything these days is a "standard repair", regardless in most cases of what the failed part is.

The cost in labor of diagnosing a failed part, having that single part available, replacing it per a custom procedure, and dealing with the ramifications of a failed repair where they miss the real culprit...versus...

One parts kit, installed in a standard fashion, replacing all the standard wear items, followed by a standard acceptance test.

$50 may have worked on a film camera...where the shutter had nothing behind it and was readily accessible.

That said...does anyone know if this is the case, and if so, which parts they replace for $281?

(My old Oly P&S had two levels of overhaul, a major and a minor. They replaced everything and made it good as new. Versus, Bogen replacing a failed board in my 54 flash, only to have the zoom motor fail a few months later because they failied to inspect that end of the flash.)

My 7D had its AS fail, so it'll be sold for parts. I'm not going to deal with having that one go out on me again. Not worth the $251, even if it gets a new shutter.


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