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Re: for what it's worth... 3Dx and H3D-31

EKaffehr wrote:


Just a question. The 3Dx obviously needs more sharpening than H3D-31.
What is your impression of image quality comparing 3Dx and H3D-31
with optimal sharpening and possibly moiré removal on the H3D-31?

Sorry, I can't add more to what I already stated. I had not much time to work with the two cameras and to optimize settings, and I did not have the best tools to convert the raw files (View NX for the D3X)

Phocus-for-PC was published just recently, but did not work properly on my system, so that I did not have access to the demoiré feature that was demonstrated at the dealer's studio on an apple. So I'm not posting samples, as I'm sure to get critics such as "invalid badly executed test, why did you not...blablabla" Nevertheless, I managed to get excellent jpg's out of the raw files, good enough to judge noise and sharpness on full lenght portraits, and push the sharpening to the maximum acceptable on both cameras. The H3DII-31 has visibly more sharpness, though not a quantum leap, but this comes at a huge price in money as well as convenience, in my opinion, to the extent that it looks to me somewhat like a loosing proposition. I can see a D3X added to my arsenal in the near future. As to the Hasselblad, the 39 mpix looks like a more interesting proposition.

The D3X files can take a huge amounts of sharpening as I said, in order to reduce the AA filter effect on sharpness, whithout falling apart, and comes close to the image quality of the H3DII-31.

If you look at image size, the D3X is 4032 x 6048 and the H3DII-31 is 4872 x 6496, not such a big difference in linear measurements.

The hasselblad sub-par AF system was a deal breaker for us. It certainly works, as long as the conditions are met for critical focussing: little to no focus/reframe, centered subjects, or very careful manual focus. Some scenarios present no particular problems, such as group shots, many landscapes, full lenght portraits with the camera at waist level, etc...
Just food for thoughts...

Best regards
Erik Kaffehr

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