Dilema, Tripod or Printer, please help..

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Re: Yaaay!

Some savings suggestions .
Epson Heavyweight Matte paper bought in packs of 100 is a great bargain (Amazon)
It comes in 8x10 , 8.5x11 and 11x14.

For snapshot for my wife I just do (4) 3.5x5 on a single page and she is happy.
You will also want a good paper cutter. Any stationary store should have one.

I also often will take a cue from my old darkroom days and take an important part of a print and crop it down to 3x5 or even 2x3. You can then using Photoshop just print that section with different settings on a single sheet until it looks like you want.

Ink- Others will say I am crazy but after 5 yeas and thousands of prints at home and at the school I work I have used generic inks successfully. I currently shop at a place called 4inkjets (through Amazon). Epson ink is the most overpriced marked up product in existence and this is your choice. You can easily save 1/2 or more but that is up to you. Longevity on the matte paper is fine , I have had prints hanging for 5+ years with no fading. Colors are also fine. This is a touchy subject around here so I don't expect a lot of support for this suggestion.

Finally use your Epson frequently. They may clog a little if left on vacation or whatever. Usually a couple of cleaning cycles will bring them right back. Also leave it plugged in all the time.

Enjoy your printer and start saving for he tripod.
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