Circuit City Was Good to Me

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Re: Circuit City Was Good to Me

While I echo your sentiments about CC passing, in this day and age of the internet I'm less inclined to worry about fewer outlets for products. The net has opened up stores and shops across the globe to everyone - places none of us would have ever discovered otherwise. I hadn't shopped at CC in a long time (it was never very competitive with Amazon for my goods), but it was one of my favorite places for a while.

Really miss CompUSA for sentimental reasons. When I first jumped into computers, it was THE place to go for me. I could browse the aisles for hours.

Vandyu wrote:

I'm sad at the Circuit City passing. It's one less supplier. It means
people have one less place to shop and manufacturers have one less
outlet for their products. If you think this won't affect you, think
again. With fewer places to sell their models, manufacturers are
likely to cut back on designs. Shelf space is more limited. Do you
really think Best Buy will suddenly enlarge their store fronts?

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