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Re: such dynamic range improvement unexpected

Gweeds wrote:
Can I make a suggestion, and I'm sure I speak for many here:

Go away and actually use a Nikon before you pass comment on any of
their range. You've spent the last few days claiming that the D700
can't focus in low-light and that 'Nikon refuse to acknowledge this'.
You've never actually used one. Those of us that do use one know just
what a load of absolute nonsense you spout.

You're 'disappointed with the D3x' yet you've never actually used
one, have no intention of using one, so what does it matter. It's
quite likely that your hands would catch fire if you ever used a
Nikon anyway, such is your blind loyalty to Canon.

Oh, and one other point - whenever a DX0 mark places a Nikon in front
you immediately cry foul and claim that their entire methodology is
flawed. Whenever they place Canon ahead you're more than happy to
crow about it. So which is it - either they're flawed or not?

We all know that you're utterly unable to see things without blinkers
on - and with every post you make yourself look more and more
ignorant. That's quite some achievement.

Taikonaut wrote:

The true value of DR is the ability to retain IQ consistency and
details at high ISO. Having measurable superiority in low ISO, ie ISO
100-400 does not translate into visible image difference due to the
fact IQ DR is already at a high enough level detail and colour
retention. The only way of seeing better DR at low ISO is 16-bit.

Actually when you consider the price differences I am a bit
disspointed with D3x DR at ISO 800 and above. This is were better DR
really matters which D3x drops behind the 5DMk2.

Kudos to nikon, and i said it way back when it just came out: Nikon did a great job on the d3x! It IS the finest dslr at the moment and you have to pay for it. period.

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