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A90, D3x and, still, MF Re: Here I am

Mel wrote:

Very nice Pam!
Thank you.

The question becomes whether or not those two models are in the same
league with the D3X? Your atmospheric haze noise/lack in detail, of
the city scape shot may or may not (depending on too many things to
mention), be some evidence of not being equal to the D3X. Yet in all
fairness, your little princess shot and crop are stunning!

Close shots of large subjects are not a good measure of IQ, especially if wide DR, stark color transitions and fine texture are not present. The shot is very good, but I would say that, except for the size of printing involved (100%), such an image could be done with many of present dslrs with very similar results.

This may all come down to "more specifcally than ever before", what
the user(s) is taking photos of. Example: Printing under 20 X 30 of
non landscape type images, in general to not very stressed shooting
conditions . . why would one need a camera that cost almost 5K more?
You simply would'nt.

Not even one costing 3,000USD. A good D90 would produce similar esults, IMO.

That's not the point here, Mel. The D3x is a full-featured pro body with high-grade parts everywhere, from electronics to mechanics to optics (AA and microlenses). Besides the extra done to the sensor itself (which is clear was there), all those things account for at least part of the "5K more", no?

It's obvious that from a pure IQ pov no dlsr is worth 5K more than any other, and I'm drastic here, take a D90 and a D3, for example. Both 12MP, if you shoot both consistently I doubt, printing at same sizes, you'll notice much of a difference in final prints.

Yes, there are differences, yes the D3 at 6400 is better than the D90, yes its files are better for PPing, but I bet most viewers won't be able to see the differences in prints, in a double blind testing procedure.

So where's the (present) 3.5K price difference? BOyd parts, better sensor (yes), etc, and market where it's placed (smaller, much smaller, not only because of price, most users would prefer a D700 over a D3 for everyday use even if D3 cost same as D700).

On the other hand, the D3X may well prove to be the MF killer of
sorts in it's image quality and lens line availability, portability
and 1/3 less the price of a true MF system. In that case (as one
poster has already stated), it will be a bargain!

It was me, at least one of those saying it. I think the D3x is, overall, the camera that bridges the flexible, portable, multi-lens system into high resolution, high DR, low ISO world of studio, architecture, object and landscape photography.

MF (48x36mm) will always have, in principle, twice the pixels at same technology, which translates into 40% more linear printing ability. When MF was at 39Mp and dslrs at 16MP (Hassy x 1DsII), well, most people would say MF was pretty ahead. Now dslrs are at 24MP, MF is venturing into 50+ MP. But what's the point where the MP count will be perceived as enough for 99% of application (studio, etc)?

The reply to that is the main point: if that occurs within the realm of possibilities of a FF dslr (limits imposed by Physics for minimal photosite size), then dslrs will end up getting most markets. If not, MF may stay.

What's the magic number? I'd say that which allows for a print at size of a double spread in a magazines like Vogue, for fashion, jewellery, parfums, etc, like Architecture Digest, etc, at maximum printing resolution. Those are the big customers for high quality studio, landscape, architecture photography. And that's is quite approachable, if you do the computaton, for the dslr format, with one caveat: color, detail and DR must be close to MF standards.

That's why the D3x's performance we're seeing is so relevant. If and when Nikon and Canon go the next round of updating their high res flagships , they need to get even closer to those standards, the D3x is just a first step. Up to the 1DsIII, DR and colors, even detail, where not in the same league as MF, even those MF of lower resolution, like the P25.

Just a long 2c.
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Good shooting and good luck
(after Ed Murrow)

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