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Re: This is and will be the key factor . .

Mel wrote:

"BUT the next step up in image quality is TWICE as expensive, less
convenient to use and requires all new lenses (no reasonable zooms.
As several knowledgeable people (the staff at Calumet Boston -
dealers in everything photographic who care if you buy a camera, but
don't care if it's Nikon, Canon or Hasselblad) who saw a 24x36 inch
print from my D3x said, "this is the best digital SLR on the market
from a pure image quality standpoint, and Hasselblad should be
worried for their low end, because the difference from the H3DII/31
is not great". "

Nikon seems to have found some technical trick regarding DR. The last two releases, the D90 and the D3x, show the best DR among dslrs, excluding the HDR-style Fujis.

The D3x seems to have some extra also in the AA filter, as well as color depth at base ISO, all essential as IQ points for the market it's aimed at.

I think we'll see some interesting performance from the next fast camera, likely a 16MP D4, following that trend.

Now, talking about MF. The 31 MP Hassy is certainly not that far, only about 13% more resolution lineraly.

Even the Hassy 39MP gives you less than 30% more resolution linearly. For example, you would go from 24x16" (3:2) to something like 29x22" (4:3) at same printing specs.

Certainly larger, but not such a huge difference, if DR, color and detail are similar. And at less than 1/3 of the price, it's starting to look like a bargain, once you think of price of lenses, lenses availability, accessories, flexibility of use, ...

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