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I don't have an S5 (3 pics)

but I have used the Fujifilm S3 for years
the D3X is certainly in that camera's DR league

of the benchmarks used, DR is the most difficult to assess as so much is dependent upon conversion technique, particularly for camera's using unconventional RAW formats like the S3/S5

I much prefer examples from real shooting & I have used this curious house in my neighborhood to test DR ...I did not take this for its aesthetics

the Darth Vader house is very detailed & very dark

I took this in the early afternoon with the sun directly above the house & shooting into it

I did this intentionally (to shoot this place properly you need sweet dusk or dawn light) to act as a torture test for DR

the 24 prime did flare just a bit, but even so I was impressed with the D3X's performance
here is a crop from the center

which demonstrates how well the camera holds shadow details

and one from the left upper corner

demonstrating the relative lack of distortion at the sensor/lens edges

both these crops are reduced for the web, but full resolution unprocessed from the NEF conversion crops can be seen here -------> http://www.pbase.com/artichoke/d3x&page=6 along with shooting information
the D3X is the real deal
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