Sharpening for large prints

Started Jan 13, 2009 | Discussions thread
David G O Smith Regular Member • Posts: 193
Re: Sharpening for large prints

For the actual upsizing I recommend SAR ( ). I use version 3.7 and have found the resizing with sharp edges/Pseudo-Inverse to work fine with images that are originally sharp. With less than optimal images in the same category in the Resize menu I use Jensen-Xin (I hope I have spelled that right).

The Studio version of Qimage is similar in results (set to Hybrid SE interpolation) and much faster than SAR but I prefer the SAR results.

I believe that the native resolution of HP printers is 300 dpi. I sent Booksmart Studio who do printing on HP printers a JPEG sized to 1'6 by 20 at 300 dpi and they seemed happy with it, but I haven't got the result back yet.

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