Hints for Running Dog Shots

Started Jan 14, 2009 | Discussions thread
John_A_G Veteran Member • Posts: 7,679
biggest issue with sports mode is

that you lose control over ISO - it locks in to ISO 400 which may or may not be good. You also lose control over your aperture. For example, if the OP were using a 400mm 2.8 you wouldn't want to shoot at 2.8 - the DOF is too shallow. Shooting in AV mode, with AI servo turned on gives you every benefit sports mode does PLUS it allows you to change ISO and aperture to fit your needs.

Also - I can't remember if sports mode allows you to use exposure compensation - my current camera doesn't have a sports mode so I can't check.

In lots of situations sports mode works just fine. And it might work for the OP as well if there's enough light.

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