Hints for Running Dog Shots

Started Jan 14, 2009 | Discussions thread
John_A_G Veteran Member • Posts: 7,669
center vs. all points

Using all points is the easiest on the photographer because it allows for a little operator error (vs. keeping center point on an area of good contrast). Where this is problematic is when the scene offers possible confusion for the camera. For instance, a sport like football or soccer it's not advisable because there are other players in the way. For some bird in flight shots it's not advisable if dof is shallow and you don't want the camera picking up a wing tip vs head (assuming bird is perpendicular to your position and head and wingtips aren't both in the focal plane). But if a dog is running in isolation and is large enough in the frame and dof isn't shallow (the conditions the OP specified) then all points gives you more latitude. The more complicated the environment and the shallower the dof the more need there is to use a single point so that you get not only your subject but in cases where you can't get the full subject in focus you ensure you get the CORRECT portion in focus. That's why cameras have options so you can apply the correct option for the specific situation.

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