New 50D - Very impressed with detail/resolution

Started Jan 8, 2009 | Discussions thread
OP clint7 Forum Member • Posts: 95

"Tests show" and blah, blah. blah. You obviously have never used a 50D in your life - but simply like to pontificate from your armchair and justify your 40D purchase to yourself. I really don't give a s* t about the 40D/50D comparisons, and especially from those who have never used both cameras. I made my choice based on my needs and I hope you did too and that you enjoy your camera - I am very happy with mine. That detail is there in the photo from the 50D - it is very mildly sharpened and shows no artifacts. I like the sharpness and clarity - you don't, so the 40D probably suits you better. This was never intended to be a "my camera is better than yours" thread - how childish. You may believe that actual photos don't show the quality of a photo as compared to subatomic analysis of pixels - I am on the other side of the fence there; I want to know how REAL photos look in the REAL world.

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