Hints for Running Dog Shots

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Re: Lots of advice, some good

Agreed, the hardest part is getting the AF to keep up with the dog!

The kit lens is going to make it tough with AF speed, get a small aperture, and do what you can to keep the shutter speed as high as you can get it while maintaining proper exposure. With all the thin hairs moving around, even a well focused shot will look poor with too slow a shutter speed.

AV or TV is your choice, but given the scenario and lens, I'd say AV, and up the ISO until your shutter speeds are greater then 500, but as fast as possible. On a sunny day, with the sun at your back, ISO 200-400 should be no problem to get 500-1000 shutter speed. If the sun is in your face or to the side, or its cloudy or in shade, it starts to get a little more interesting.

-Jon (2 Australian Shepherds and a back yard with terrible light )
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