Hints for Running Dog Shots

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It's FAST!

When something like a dog is running towards you it is moving very fast.

One problem is the DOF is quite shallow and the dog (or whatever) coming to you will easily move out of that shallow region.

A broader DOF might help (so with a short shutter time as another wish you'd be urged to choose a higher ISO).

Also, try to make the nose of the dog the thing to focus on. I can't calculate how much the dog will come closer in the short time between pressing the button (archieving focus) and the actual release of the shutter, but an inch would not surprise me... In that case the eyes still would be in focus.

Better still: post a couple of shots of the dog (of this session), because there are several possible reasons for not-too-sharp-lookin shots (like: motion blur, camera shake, low contrast, shallow DOF, focussing, lens flaws, noise) and that way we might find out which one is the one to take care for in YOUR situation.

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All in my humble opionion of course!

(I might get a preposition wrong -or any other word for that matter-. English is a nice language, but it's not mine)

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