Hints for Running Dog Shots

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Re: Hints for Running Dog Shots

if you have your dog running toward the camera, try shooting in shutter priority (TV) mode and use a shutter speed of between 1/500 to 1/750

(P) program mode is basically auto mode with some manual features. it will set the aperture & shutter speed according to what the meter reading is.

But, since shutter speed takes priority in this case over aperture, it's best to shoot in (TV) shutter priority mode, set the speed you need for your situation and the meter will tell the camera what aperture to set. in the case that the light situation is very overcast, there may not be enough light to shoot at fast enough speeds to freeze motion without the use of a flash.

If you shoot with a SLR, if you set a shutter speed that is too fast for the light situation the aperture number will blink, the camera might not let you shoot, or otherwise will let you know that it cannot open the aperture wide enough for that speed & get a good exposure....in that case, raise your ISO...or wait for a brighter (but not directly sunny) day.
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