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Ryfter wrote:

I have a new depth of field guide up on my site - . Have a
look for some insight on how depth of field works, and add depth of
field to your photography toolbox.

I haven't checked all the way through what you wrote, but have noticed a mistake in terminology in your paragraph.....

"" What I find very interesting, is what happens as you move to longer distances, the balance of the depth of field goes from nearly even, to more and more depth of field behind the subject. For example, with this combination, at 10′, the depth of field is balanced at 35% in front of the FOCAL PLANE and 65% behind the FOCAL PLANE . At double that distance, the depth of field extends 19% in front of the subject, to 81% behind the subject. ""

The term "focal plane" is inappropriate in this context. You should replace it with "plane of sharp focus".

The actual focal plane is in the camera, being the front surface of the sensor where the image is formed. Not surprisingly, this is immediately behind the "focal plane" shutter.

This comment is meant to be helpful.

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