D300 built-in flash, Part 1: Blinding speed

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Re: Look closer

Marianne Oelund wrote:

David314 wrote:

SB800 triggered by D300 1/64 power D40 at F10 1 sec exposure taking

no sign of the shutter

You caught it.

well, i guess it is there - you pictures were so cropped i didn't have a frame of reference and didn't know what i was looking for

Referring to the sequence shown in my Part 2 post, the key frame is
frame 8, which is at -0.20ms (-200us) before the flash trigger, and
shows that the front curtain is almost exactly at the top row of
pixels on the sensor.

i maybe slow but not entirely dumb - i finally figured out how you related time of the flash back to the shutter position in your original series by using the flash from the camera taking the picture and the sync signal from the camera you are taking a picture of

got it thanks!


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