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rhlpetrus wrote:

OldMaster wrote:

I think that says everything most thought..and I am pleased to see he
has re-affirmed the laws of physics are still relevant and the D3x
does not have "Better Noise" than the D3!!!

Sorry, but there were at least two RAW comparisons showing, at worse,
D3x about same as D3 in high ISO noise.

Observe that Thom has mentioned he hasn't done RAW testing of DR, of
course also not RAW testing of noise.

It was good to see the lens issues raised too! Interesting comments
on resolution reduction for those landscapers that eschew PC lenses
and just "stop it down more"!

I have also seen reviews where the D700 was clearly out-resolving the
Sony 900 at 1600 asa. Much improved though the D3x is at this iso
over the Sony..anything above and in real world resolution of detail,
probably the D700/D3 is doing better!!

A900 is in anopther (lower) league re noise in high ISO, both jpegs
and RAW, as already showed here.

Thom says more than once that D3x has the best IQ of any dslr at
present moment, and he says up to 1600ISO, not a small feat. Others
have said up to 6400ISO, but of course the debate will go for ever on

The point is: if you need the best IQ for high quality images,
landscape or studio, the D3x is the camea to have now, short of
20,000+ MF systems.

The D3X is great until ISO 800; above that, no matter the exposure accuracy, etc., the D3 has it... as the ISO goes up, the D3 walks away with DR and overall IQ.

I love my D3X, and have already made my 8k back several times over. I've put about 7k actuations on it, with all my lenses, everything from the 14-24 to the 600 f/4 VR, in all types of indoor and outdoor lighting. It's a lower ISO camera. The D3's high ISO performance is better by about a half-stop above ISO 800, and around a stop and a half above ISO 3200.

Anyone, Thom included, who states that the RAW images out of a D3X are equal to or better than the D3 at anything above ISO 800 is trying to see results that just ain't there, IMO.

Having 40 years of photographic experience, 35 of them professional, and teaching digital imaging for 15 years helps me here, but the bottom line is that OWNING and using the D3, D3X, and the D700 is why I'm sayin' that the D3X and the D3/D700 are different horses for different courses.

Please excuse me while I depart for a landscape/pano assignment with the D3X! =^D

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