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Re: Samsung fudge factor

Dell and HP have been the two worst offenders of the panel lottery game due that they offered a monitor with a S-IPS panel and later substituted S-PVA panels without changing the model number or their price (S-PVA's should have been at least 25% less expensive, if not more).

Samsung did get some bad press with the 226BW but in that case it really was not of the same level of bait and switch as the 226BW was always promoted to be a gamers monitor and not one that would appeal greatly to image editors due the IPS panel. Furthermore the 226BW and it's replacements were relatively inexpensive.

S-PVA panels are really not too bad, much much better than TN panels. Some highly rated monitors have used the S-PVA panel, Eizo being one company that has earned accolades with them. The biggest knock against them is they can have a bit of black crush when viewed straight on. On the other hand they generally have better contrast then an IPS monitor.

I encourage you to browse the review ratings.

Prad normally mentions the panel type in the "Image Quality" section of their reviews.


to determine the panel type in a monitor. TFT Central also has some very good tech articles to explain the various TDT LCD panel types.

Most 22 inch monitors on the market today use a TN panel. The exceptions, all using S-PVA panels, are a couple of Eizo's, the Lenovo L220X, the HP2275W, and possibly a new Dell coming in a few weeks - the 2209WA.

Btw... IPS panels are not without their flaws as they tend to exhibit a blue'ish tone in the upper corners when viewed from far off center, something that is not normally visible when viewed from on center and at a normal sitting position.

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