YAY!! My photograph was featured in a MAGAZINE....!

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Re: JMK1 ?

NikonDX wrote:

Ok, you are new here, so your opinion doesn't count. My problem is
that the OP hasn't answered the questions and statements of this
composite in THIS thread. He's only replied to the "kudos & praises"
that is being throw left and right here.

Composites shouldn't win or be considered in real photo competitions,

Hi folks,

I'm one of the people pointing out that the image in question is a composite, and while I personally don't consider it to be a photo in the strict sense, in the competition where it was entered, Photoshopped images are apparently permitted, note that they refer to the entries as "Images", not photos necessarily. I have no problem with the image being selected as an honorable mention in that contest.

My only argument is with the original poster referring to his image as a photo when it is a composite image made from multiple photos. Hair-splitting perhaps, but IMO, accurate.


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