D700 Issues and Observations

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D700 Issues and Observations

I've had the D700 for about 3 weeks now; while I've owned many Canon DSLR's, this is my first digital Nikon. I debated between the D700 and 5DMKII for a while before deciding on the D700-- it wasn't a painless choice, given the # of Canon lenses and accessories that I own. As a whole, I'm rather disappointed with the D700-- partially for features that are lacking, in other cases due to personal preferences, and, lastly, for things that don't work correctly. FYI, I'm using it with the Nikkor 24-70 2.8 G and shoot strictly in raw. I'm posting this to see if: 1) anyone else is experiecing the same issues as me; and 2) someone might have work-arounds or other suggestions. I'm sure I'l likely get grief from some devotees, so be it, as long as i get some helpful info too.


Camera overexposes (or inconsistently expoxes) in all metering modes, but overexposure is particularly bad (1 F-stop) for low ISO's (below 200). Hopefully, this will be addressed with a firmware fix. In the interim, I've fine-tuned the optimal exposure and use manual exposure compensation for low ISO.

  • Inaccurate color reproduction (requires lots of software correction)


  • A series of exposure bracketed shots cannot be taken automatically (e.g., in timer mode); instead, the shutter needs to be released for each one.

  • Exposure bracketing limited to 1 f-stop maximum between shots; to get more than 3 total f-stops, you need to take at least 5 shots, instead of just 3.

SUBJECTIVE ASSESSMENTS (based on experience with Canons)

  • Trigger much too sensistive; difficult to activate half-way.

  • Mirror too loud.

Camera controls are awkwardly placed (difficult to access), requiring two hands, and or more fingers than Canon requires for the same operations.


  • Lack of free editing software

  • NX2 is kludgy and extremely slow

Here's to hoping that I come around and am ultimately satisfied with this investment.



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