Mirror lock up, is it usefull when shooting handheld?

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Re: The tests look strange, but the effect is real...

Good info, thanks, Joe!

I have found another use for the anti-shock, if I am shooting landscapes on a tripod, I don't have a cable release, and timing is not critical. I set a 2 second self timer, anti-shock, and then when I click the shutter (carefully of course!), the camera/tripod has 2 sec to damp before the mirror goes up for 1 sec.

Maybe Nikon changed the time length (from 0.4 sec to 1 sec) based on experiments they did? Or maybe changed due to perceptions that it was too short? I don't know.


Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

Nikon has supported this style of shooting on their DSLRs from day 1,
with the original D1. They call it "anti-shock mode". When this
function is turned on, you press the shutter button, the mirror flips
up, and a short time delay later, the shutter fires. This is intended
for hand-held shooting. It's different than MLU, which was intended
for tripod shooting. Nikon thinks anti-shock mode is so important
that they offer it on many DSLRs that don't have mirror lockup,
starting with the first under $2000 Nikon, the D100, and continuing
through D70, D80, and D90. (I don't know about D40, D50, and D60).

The "pro" DSLRs, starting with the original D1, and then D1X, D1H,
D2X, D2H, D200, D3, D300, D3X, and D700 all have both MLU (for tripod
use) and "anti-shock mode" for hand held use.

The first two generations had the anti-shock running a pretty short
delay, 0.4 seconds (400mS). That was the delay on D1, D1H, D1X, D2H,
D2X, D100, D70, and D200. I found it just about perfect for hand-held
work. You only had to "lead" the action by 0.4 seconds, press and
gently hold the button, and you got a very nice hand-held shot. The
third generation D3, D3X, D300, and D700 increased it to 1 second,
for reasons I don't understand.

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