NX2 - is it really badly written or is it just me?

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Rikki Contributing Member • Posts: 509
NX2 - is it really badly written or is it just me?

Ive been using image editing programs since the days of Deluxe Paint and Photoshop 2.5.1. Ive seen software progress, intuitive menu systems improve and so on along the years but trying to use Nikon's NX2 Capture software with my D700 is like pulling teeth.

Its interface doesnt act like a windows program, trying to resize the folder view wont work as the grab handles at the corners dont function, you need to figure out what the creators want you to use and find that instead. Thats just one thing.

I cant seem to find ways of setting defaults, for instance when applying a settings file to an image I DO want to overwrite develop settings every time, and I'd like the option banks to stay expanded and not have to reopen them every time I load an image.

Give the software a batch process to do and I can go on holiday. I just asked it to convert a load of NEF raws to JPG and it crawling along. Thats on a quad core Q6600 with 4gb of RAM and overclocked to 3.4GHz per core.

Previously I used Fuji's hyper utility which had its short comings but at least it was fairly quick and didnt throw up out of memory errors every half hour.

Best of all, it was included free of charge unlike Nikon who want to squeeze every past penny out of you. Thanks but no thanks, the 60 day trial shall do me just now even if I have to set my PC clock's date back a month to run it. No way Im paying for something that feels like a child wrote it after shelling out big bucks for a camera.

I'd use lightroom (or at least give it a go) if Adobe would read the picture settings and other presets Ive selected on my camera - Im happy with most of the "as shot" settings but just want to tweak bits here and there, pulling into ACR really doesnt do much for my images and NX2 seems to be the only thing that makes them look the way I visioned them when shooting.

What do you guys think, is NX2 a dog? Is there anything better out there?

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