D700 kit for $1400?

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I get a chuckle out of the silly replies berating me

Actually, I was simply telling people generally not to be stupid and believe baloney, but you decided it was a personal thing for you and told me I was condescending. Well, you must think the shoe fits you or you wouldn't have tried it on. You say you were skeptical and posted, but really, if you were skeptical, why bother asking? So you could ask your question and believe Danny the Shill's answer about it being a great company? Essentially, you're asking strangers for an opinion, and you don't know any of these people. Really, you asked because you want to believe.

Nobody who has any brains will buy from a site like this.

Posting here and asking about it, in spite of OBVIOUS evidence that it's a scam site, is just inviting liars to come in and tell you that it's a great place. You're lucky there's a few of us willing to tell you it's a scam; what would you have done if there were ten posts from shills talking about their great deal?

You ought to be thanking all of us for saving you money. Instead, you call us condescending because we are blunt about you getting ripped off. You may not like the truth, but if you cannot sniff through the obvious lies, then you and your money will soon be parted.


Jacqueline Dessel wrote:

Somewhere on that site they claim that they have been in business
since the 70's and while, as a few have said, obviously if I wasn't
skeptical I wouldn't have posted and would have instead been looking
at my inbox waiting for an order confirmation. I also found it odd
that there wasn't any negative info anywhere on the web about them
including BBB- I looked up the price of 2 other cameras on their site
and compared them to B&H and those prices were right in line with B&H.

So I asked about it here.

I get a chuckle out of the silly replies berating me for asking a
question, since this is a great forum even with the occasional
personality quirks, and get tons of great info here.

So thanks for the input, it is much appreciated, and I hope you are
all enjoying the waning days of the holiday season, especially those
of you with a D700 in your hands...

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