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I got the medium for Christmas and have ever used the small. I haven't had a chance to use it much for photo editing and mostly have just used it for web surfing.

For the web I still like using the mouse better then the pen mostly because the scroll wheel on the mouse just works better for me then having to use the scroll bar or keyboard arrows. For this the medium is better because the bamboo mouse only works on the tablet and I think the small would be much too small for this application. BTW I had heard the included mouse was slow and useless but I find mine not to be any different than my old mouse.

For the little amount I've had a chance to use the bamboo fun for photo editing I like the pen a lot better than the mouse so I'm very glad I got it. The four corners of the pad match the for corners of your screen when using the pen. For me the medium is too big because it is more hand movement to be comfortable for me. To overcome this I was able to go into the tablet setting and reset the working size of the tablet to match the size closely to that of the small and now it works great for me.

As I work with the tables more if I find I need a larger working space I can always resize the working space back to the default. BTW I can understand why an artist would like a larger work space for drawing but I don't expect to do much drawing.

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