Buying 450D as a present is this my best bet???

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Re: Buying 450D as a present- extra battery

Another vote for the Transcend Class 6 8GB SDHC - I have one and it does the job well.

Best thing for a bag is to go and try some in a store so that you get a good idea of size, comfort and weight - fry's is a good place for that.

For additional small accessories, add in a usb card reader - only a few $$$ and much faster than copying pics via the camera's built in usb port, and a spare battery (much more convenient to wait until a battery is flat and swap, rather than having to top up charge all the time when on vacation).

The only major thing missing is an external flash (430 exII or 580 exII). For taking pictures indoors this will make a big difference as it allows you to bounce of walls and ceiling to take good pictures without harsh flash shadows. Using a flash well does take some time to learn though, so you could opt to leave this until after you have spent some time with the camera (and built in flash). IMHO a flash would be better value than getting a more expensive lens or prime for low light.

On other things - I don't think filters are worth it for the kit lenses, but do get a lens hood for the 55-250 zoom. The hood for the 18-55 is probably not worth it and you can actaully use the same 55-250 hood down to about 30 before it starts to shadow the picture if you get really desperate.

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