D300 to complex for a new guy?

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Re: D300 to complex for a new guy?


I started out with a D70 and over time moved from the more automatic modes to the more manual modes as I got more comfortable with the camera.

I had the 18-70 and sold it when I got my 18-200 lens, though looking back the image quality of the 18-70 was better. A D90 might be a better starter camera due to the automatic modes until you become more familiar with it. It even has less noise than the D300 in low light.

I held on to my D70s until the D300 came out and quickly made the jump and am glad I did. The D90 was not available and I might have chosen that if it had been available.

There are times when I wish there were a purely automatic mode (rather than P) for the times I hand my camera to someone else who is not familiar.

The big reasons I had for moving to the D300 were I wanted better AF, better low light capability and a better LCD. The LCD on my D70s was almost useless. I soon came to appreciate many of the other features. The D90 has many of these features as well. I still have fond memories of using my D70s and I took a lot of great photos with it.

As for lenses, I had the 18-70 which had quite decent quality and the 70-300mm VR which I also love, though now my normal every-day lens is a 17-55 F2.8.

I need to send my 18-200 back to Nikon one of these days to clean the dust out of it and calibration since everything is out of focus now (and fine tuning doesn't seem to work). I noticed that all the problems I had with dirt on my sensor went away when I stopped using the 18-200. Mine also developed the infamous lens creep problem as well. When new it was a great walk-around lens though.

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