5D2 awesome!!!

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5D2 awesome!!!

Hi there,
I spent 2 weeks in Venezuela shooting with my new 5D2:

1) the pictures are stunning. really great colors, details etc...
2) nice to have a small form factor Full Frame
3) been shooting under heavy rain etc... no issue
4) weather was very humid, but no problem at all

5) the battery would last long enough for my use. at least 2 days of shooting+video

6) Im not sure about the metering, not always accurate but that's also because I need to handle it better
7) never underexpose more than 1 stop needed
8) resist the Deet or equivalent products (which are very aggressive)

9) the auto mode allowed me to lend the camera so I could get 1 or 2 good shots of me

10) low light performance really great 3200ISO is really clean and 6400 very good in 80% of the cases

11) ok, I had the black dots on my few shots of Caracas at night but that is only 2% of my shots and I wont print them in big formats (and even if I did, I can remove them) anyway, Im going to upgrade tonight

12) I have a stuck pixel I can't get rid of (I would appreciate if someone has a good method) and it shows on 80% of my videos but its not like its ruining the video. just a bit annoying. worst case Ill send it to Canon for a pixel mapping.

So honestly Im fully satisfied by my 5DII, I think that camera is really awesome.

beside the stuck pixel, and the AF (but I never expected to have a pro AF or I would have chosen another camera....), the small little thing that I find "cheap" is the little peace of plastic at the bottom next to the door of the battery that you feel moving under the pressure of your right hand when you hold the camera. I remember on the 40D that was not the case. it gives the feeling like its going to break at some point......

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