RAW analysis of Firmware v1.07

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RAW analysis of Firmware v1.07

Waaay too many whiners and moaners about the 5D Mark II firmware update, mostly from people who do not even own the camera. Totally unsubstantiated accusations from Fear Mongerers who believe Canon simply replaced black dots with white dots.

So to help settle this matter -ONCE AND FOR ALL-, I've done this simple test. I poked some holes into an aluminum foil covering my desk lamp, to recreate these infamous black dots. I'm no robot, so these holes are imperfect --- they are not always symmetrical. Please do not take asymmetry to mean anything other than that.

The procedure:

1. Set my 5DII on a tripod, tethered to my laptop.
2. Shoot the test subject with firmware v1.06
3. Update to firmware v1.07
4. Shoot the test subject with firmware v1.07
5. Compare in-camera JPEGs
6. Compare actual RAW data pixels without de-Bayering the RAW data

Here are the results.

First off, 100% crop of the relevant area from the in-camera JPEGs. With the firmware v1.07, will ANYONE actually see anything wrong at all? With this camera, a 100% crop shown on-screen is gonna appear the same size as it would on a gargantuan 6 ft x 4 ft print on your wall.

Finally, the pixels contained in the RAW data. I derived from dcraw, and zoomed in 400%. We are now officially at the ridiculous stage. If this were printed on a billboard, it'd be 24 feet x 16 feet big. And you'd be standing at the foot of that billboard with a magnifying glass. Are there signs that Canon simply REPLACED black dots in RAW with white dots?

[Click to expand entire image] [ Top v1.07, Bottom v1.06 ]

For god's sake, I spent half an hour putting together this test. I hope this puts an end to all the whining and moaning.

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