Need Epson P2000 Disk Image

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Need Epson P2000 Disk Image


Like others, my P2000 disk corrupted. The symptom was that the system boots to the menu but if I tried to access 'cards' or 'albums' the system asks to be 'reset'. So the system was completely unusable.

So I decided to replace the HD and try and clean it up at the same time. I purchased a 80 gig WD PATA 2.5 to replace the existing 40 gig Hitachi drive. I followed the intructional video that has been posed (thanks

I was able to do the following on my desktop PC:

With the Hitachi drive installed in an USB enclosure:

1) used Acronis to create an image of the system partition; EPV_SYSTEM the hidden system partition

2) accessed and copied my 'photo' files from the EPSON_PV partition to my desktop and in the process encountered either corrupt disk sectors or files (I think it was the disk) - but at least salvaged some of my photos

3) Windows then proceeded to 'cleanup' the EPSON_PV partition on its own and subsequently removed several folders and files.
4) I added back a empty ‘Albums’ folder

5) I then ‘defragged’ the EPSON_PV partition (maybe I should not have done this but I wanted to see if I could ‘cleanup’ the disk as its was failing and retrying all over the place
6) using Acronis, I then was able to create an image of the EPSON_PV partition

With the WD drive installed in an USB enclosure:
1) I then restored these two partitions to the new 80 gig WD PATA 2.5 drive

Here is the result:

1) The P2000 attempts to boot from the 80 gig WD PATA 2.5 but fails and then asks for a reset
2) The P2000 will not even attempt to boot from the old 40 gig Hitachi drive

So now I am completely stuck.

Anyone have an ideas?

Does anyone have a copy of the disk image partitions that I can restore to the 80 gig WD PATA 2.5 and attempt to boot?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can assist.


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