Update on homemade camera strap

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Update on homemade camera strap

Since posting the first thread about a bandoleer-style camera strap with a sliding loop,


I've made a couple changes that you might like to note.

First is I bought a Camdapter wrist strap. Not an inexpensive purchase (US 60) but the mounting plate is top notch. I thought initially of just buying the plate, but it turned out better that I purchased the strap as well.

The plate is solid aluminum and has a rubber gasket next to the camera that helps prevent slippage. Actually I didn't tighten the mount that much, not wanting to damage the camera's tripod mount, and it hasn't budged a bit. Note that one can access the battery compartment with the mounting plate attached and also that there is a tripod mount right in the plate.

Second, I found a small carabiner that I now use to attach the camera to the strap described in the previous post. You can see the 'biner attached to the wrist strap here. Note that it doesn't interfere with holding the camera, nor does it flop up against the camera or lens. The strap doesn't interfere when putting the camera into a shoulder bag as it just folds forward out of the way (I don't use a standard camera case, just a rugged shoulder bag with an open compartment.)

Here's the camera attached to the bandoleer strap with the carabiner. I left the ring on for when I'm wearing winter clothing, as clipping the carabiner into the ring allows the camera to rest an inch or so lower when wearing down and wool. And that makes it easier to steer the lens through close quarters with a simple movement of my right hand. Yes, I'm going to cut the attachment strap end soon, and thanks for noticing.

This system allows a great deal of flexibility, in that one can carry the camera on the strap (and take photos this way as the 'biner or ring slides up the strap as you raise the camera), detach the camera and carry it in one's hand using the wrist strap, or quickly stow the camera more secure like a shoulder bag when in crowded urban conditions or it starts raining.

I would like to experiment with two 3/8 inch wide straps attached directly to the carabiner (or ring). The reason is it would give two points of attachment (I'm paranoid, and the wrist strap only has one strap for two points), and also might be easier to stow into a carrying case. But the Camdaptor strap is so comfortable I may just change the strapping on it every now and then. If I could just find a good quality strap in 3/8 inch width. I may just buy some climbing strapping in that width and have it sewn the first time I change it. That would be a life-time fix.

By the way, I've not had a problem using two hands when wearing the wrist strap. It's a bit tight, but one can push one's hand through the strap when, for example, changing lens or giving a policeman a bribe. But it probably wouldn't be a good idea to do this when, for instance, washing clothes or cooking spaghetti sauce.

Hope someone finds this useful, and if there are any questions or suggestions, especially where to find quality 3/8 inch strapping and connectors, jump right in.


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