Old lens & new body: AiS 300/2 & D3 (pics)

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AndreasE Contributing Member • Posts: 909
Old lens & new body: AiS 300/2 & D3 (pics)

Over christmas, I had some days off and time for skiing. Just out of fun, I took the heaviest lens I had (the AiS 300mm/2), mounted it to a D3 and spent 2 hours on the slope with a - let's say, significant - backpack. :-# Despite the heavy lifting, shooting was fun.

Anyway, please find below some pictures of this 25 year old lens, which still delivers remarkable pictures #at least for me). More photos and crops can be found: http://www.pbase.com/andrease/2008tauern

Enjoy and please provide C&C.

Happy New Year to all dpreview'ers,

D3, f2, 1/8000sec, ISO Low

It is not easy to focus properly - hats off to old sport pro's

Sharp and wide open at the same time

100% crop @ f2

2 stops difference are quite visible



Flat view
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