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If you want to use 420EX with 1D read this first

If you want to use Canon EX speedlites than your best choice for the 1D is the 550EX. The 420EX was not designed to cover the 45 point AF pattern of the 1D. You can use the 420EX on the 1D but it will not provide AF assist for all sensors. There does not seem to be any other issues with the 420EX. But as has been said already if you get the flagship camera, get the flagship flash as well.

Don't take my word for it read Chuck Westfall's comments here:

Steven Noyes wrote:
Provides many of the features of the 550 but does not have the
master control. But why start with a master. Get a slave
first and then the master. 420 has decent reach, high speed
flash sync, E-TTL (That works very well), and is 1/2 the price.
Frys Electronics had it on sale for $150.

That was my thoughts.


Bob Brammer wrote:


I need flash suggestions.

I'm getting a 1d and will shoot a lot of news/sports where I'll be
getting available light, or need to get close in to the action.

Is there a "best" Canon flash? The 550?

I'm wondering if there's a quick cycling small flash good for
"snaps" that won't be as obtrusive as the large 550. I'll need to
grab quick shots and a flash that has good diffussion would be nice.


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