Nikon D3X - 'Is Nikon stepping towards Hybrid/Medium Format'

Started Jan 8, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Hi Fred -

I find myself supporting Nikon and hoping for that MF development, (and I am a Canon user) however my parting shot is the same answer as 'our' other thread re the Nikon D3X - there is an 'emerging marketplace' for 'cheaper' MF digital technology!

In my 60 years I have seen 'established companies' with 'cutting edge' developed technologies, disappear within 2 years - very often because they refuse to change their development strategies.

I honestly believe that we will experience a 'paradigm shift' in digital camera development over the next 2 years.

Leica has recognised this and if they are successful with their 35mm Leica R development moving towards a hybrid medium format solution, they could pave the way? I am not taking anything away from Hasselblad or other MF technologies but the aspirations of a 'new digital generation' of 35mm photographers are driving 35mm manufacturers towards a collision with MF and eventually lower MF prices!

Markets often collide - we have experienced this with television through personal computers to the internet 'colliding' with established television technology development. The collision comes when a manufacturer 'breaks the rules' and commences a cross over!

We will see this summer with Lecia!


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