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Re: Shops in Singapore

If your friend goes to Sim Lim or Lucky Plaza you can better the prices at Funan or Peninsula Plaza (where I have had bad experiences) BUT

before you negotiate make it clear what is included in the price

ie warranty (international / local/ none)

standard accessories that the manufacturer provides - eg battery, charger, adapters, software etc. Some of the less reputable try and charge extra (inflated) prices for what is in the box

Govt Sales Tax (similar to VAT). Some will try and add this on to the agreed price saying you can claim it back (which you can only do if you get the correct form from the seller - an ordinary receipt may well be rejected.)

I try and work only on a gross figure, factoring in what I can reclaim as a bonus.

BUT the bottom line at the moment is that present UK prices will either be lower or so close as to not warrant the additional risks.

Also remember the low financial limit on bringing in non European purchased goods, should Customs take an interest.

Finally perhaps your friend should buy in the UK to help the local economy albeit with Japanese goods!


Bali_Mirage wrote:

I suggest you stay away from both Sim Lim Square and Lucky Plaza.
There are too many scam artists targeting tourists. I like John 3:16
at Funan Digitalife Mall:

and Cathay Photo at Peninsula Plaza:

For more info, you might want to browse the Club Snap forum (based in


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