How to tell which iMac has the Penryn chip?

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Re: How to tell which iMac has the Penryn chip?

n8daltex wrote:

Just stumbled onto this thread - What are the advantages of the
Penryn chip?

Penryn simply happens to be the most recent chip that iMacs came with and represents a minor evolutionary improvement over the previous design.

(By contrast, a forthcoming chip called "Nehalem" is expected to be a big break from the past. Of course Nehalem iMacs haven't shipped, so it is at best an educated conjecture at this stage.)

My intention was not to suggest that only iMacs with Penryn are worth buying---for sufficient price discount I'd gladly buy the older one---but I would want to know which model has which chip so I can factor that in.

Your decision to buy a refurbished unit is a sound one. Standard advice is to by RAM and AppleCare from 3rd parties however.

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