Color managed Video Player (for wide gamut LCDs)

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Re: Color managed Video Player (for wide gamut LCDs)

Just a note

You don’t have to use MPC as your player. There are other players (with other features) that will support this activity. Any player that can support ffDshow processing like Zoomplayer (my personal favorite) or TheaterTek can be made to work with this. But I believe that this is discussed later in that thread, if memory serves.

To my knowledge though, MPC is the only one that has been made to play Blu-Ray disks (thanks MPAA) therefore the others are mostly useful for DVD playback or if you rip your Blu-Rays prior to watching them.

Also, to anyone else interested, this is a good thread to read over as it gives a little more background on the different aspects/terms of video playback. The thread about calibrating in the OP kind of jumps right into it and could leave someone new to the topic a little lost.


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