Need some help for shooting punk show.

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Re: Need some help for shooting punk show.

Auto ISO works well for me. I am not sure what you mean by accuracy.

I have noticed that when you set a minimum shutter speed it will try and lower your ISO to 200 before it starts to raise the shutter speed. If you have a lot of decent light you might be better off simply setting ISO to some acceptable level, say 1600, and then shoot in aperture mode and let the shutter speed float. I've done that and it works when the performers are consistently well lit, but you have to keep an eye on the shutter speed while shooting.

Of course that is true when using Auto ISO because the camera will let you shoot at shutter speeds below the minimum. It does not force the minimum shutter speed, but it will not lower the ISO unless it can achieve the minimum shutter speed.

I shoot RAW exclusively so I turn D-lighting off and do everything in PP.

thirdlife wrote:

Thanks for all the replies. All this information is very useful.

I should have mentioned that I have shot a few shows with my D50 and
50mm f/1.8 in the past, but not within 2 years, and not with my D300.

I will not be using a flash during the performance. For some reason
I just feel this is a distraction for both the performers and the

I do shoot always shoot raw so I will have some flexibility with
exposure compensation later on.

Question: Has anyone used D-Lighting for concerts/low light
settings? or should I just hold off until post-processing?

I fear auto iso. How accurate is it with the D300? I've been bitten
in the past using it on my D50.

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