LOOK MA, THEY'RE GONE! (How to Eliminate Black Dots)

Started Dec 8, 2008 | Discussions thread
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So I'd pretty much been convinced by reviews that I should trade in my 1DSmkii for a 5Dmkii (in my case particularly because I wish to start using Tilt/Shift lenses for landscape work and I hear Live View is almost a neccessity for this when focussing tilts, etc.). Then I came across the black dot issue. What on earth is going on? No one at Canon noticed this in the thousands of test shots under all conditions that (I hope) they carried out?!

This almost certainly would be an issue for me, as I use my camera for astrophotography. I really don't understand the posters who are trying to maintain it's not a problem - you bought a 5Dmkii presumably because of it's stellar IQ and pixel peeping resolution/sharpness (probably after having pored over reviews showing full-res IQ tests, etc., and then argue that you don't care about ugly black blobs around highlights?

Anyway, sorry for the rant, I really wanted to ask whether anyone has concluded whether this is either a software, or a hardware fault. If it's confined to software/firmware it wouldn't put me off at all, as it would presumably be a user implemented fix. If it's hardware, frankly I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot barge pole until the problem is isolated and a new (good) batch appears. If ever. What I don't think would be acceptable, and should be watched like a hawk, is a software fix to attempt covering up a hardware issue.

Should I just go trade in my lenses and get a D700, or wait this one out?

Kind of depressing after all the wait for the 5Dii and all the hype, I think.

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