Exposure locks when pressing shutter release halfway in evaluative metering mode

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Re: Exposure locks when pressing shutter release halfway in evaluative metering mode

I thought evaluative metering worked a bit differently. Something like averaging the light measurement in the 35 segment of the picture.

For connecting the exposure value to the active auto focus point, I would use partial metering or even more spot metering (my 400D does not have spot metering unfortunately). As I experienced, the partial metering is not sufficient at all. Too large area what it takes into consideration. Many times there is minimal difference in the exposure value after metering (comparing partial and evaluative) and it's not enough to get the right exposure for that subject.

I understand the person in front of a strongly illuminated window example, but for that I would also use spot metering, to get the right exposure for the person's face (and also exposure compensation if needed, fill flash etc).
My previous example (a portrait) was not the best.

What I really wanted to emphasize, that many times (almost all the time) first I point the camera's center focus point at a subject just to get the right focus, and then I recompose the picture to get the right composition. And most of the time I do not particularly care about the perfect exposition of the subject used to catch the right focus, but I do care about the final composition.

Simply, many times the auto focus cannot work because there is not enough contrast in the center of the final picture, so you have to find something with good contrast somewhere in the picture, focus, and then recompose.

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