Exposure locks when pressing shutter release halfway in evaluative metering mode

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Re: Exposure locks when pressing shutter release halfway in evaluative metering mode

Well, going back to your previous example of focusing on somebody's face and recomposing, I would argue that I want to have that face in good focus and also have proper exposure as well, which presumably would be my main subject, so I would kindly disagree that locking the focus together with exposure is such a bad idea after all. As a matter of fact in such scenario I would actually use spot metering to make sure I get proper exposure of my main subjects face and wouldn't really care that much about the background exposure, unless I'm missing something? However, I'm little surprised how strong influence the focusing point has on overall exposure, after all I would expect strong correlation from center weighted and spot metering modes, but evaluative mode would suggest evaluation of the whole scene and average the exposure for whole picture (at least I thought that what it supposed to mean) and therefore focus point shouldn't affect the exposure by that much, unless you're introducing large area of the sky or similar, during recompose?

Boldi wrote:

Gary Atkinson wrote:

what you should do is...

use the custom function (1) to send the focus to the back * key.
this will allow you to focus and lock AE independently.

You can also choose the option (4) that shoudl do no AE Lock. this
means at no time is AE Locked until shutter pressed.

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OK, I will try these other possibilities.
Anyway, I'm very used to my shooting mode and still cannot get the
point of this behaviour (exposure locking in evaluative mode).
For me, it would make more sense not to lock it. Maybe my fault

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