Camera makes no difference if you don't BACK UP your files

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Drew - re. your question....


If you decide you need DR protection then there's no choice but to move content off-site. The choice then becomes one of internet vs, sneaker net. If you have a lot of content (gigs per shoot) and an unreliable line, then physically shipping content makes more sense. DVDs to a storage location may be the best bet.

I compromise and my workflow looks like this:

1) Shoot RAW (D2Xs files are in the range 19-24 meg each);
2) Backup everything to TimeMachine local disk immediately;

3) Use PhotoMechanic to review & cull the useless shots (in my case, I lose a lot of content in this step

4) PP keepers using NX2. Save 2 copies of content: (a) full size PP'd NEFs; and (b) reduced size (max 1250 pixels across longest side) excellent quality JPEGS. These tend to average 1 meg each;

5) Allow TimeMachine to back up this content automatically (usually within the hour);
6) Import JPEGS into I-Photo;

7) Use the i-Photo plugin from here: to upload JPEGS to Smugmug for DR.

Works really well as a backup strategy, plus I have my content in i-Photo from where I generate calendars, cards, books, etc. Don't know whether anyone has used this facility but I can tell you that the output quality is fabulous.

Hope this helps.


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